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Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive is the most common style of interpreting.  I, as the interpreter do not interpret word by word, instead, I  interpret the main ideas accordingly.

Parties communicate using interpreter as a conduit. The message has to be delivered with accuracy and encouraging turn taking.

"The mode of interpreting whereby the interpreter relays a message in a sequential matter after the speaker has paused or has completed a thought."

-CHIA Appendix-

Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is usually use with ear peaces and microphones, and  the interpreter works from a sound proof office. When, there is no ear peaces or microphones,the interpreter utilize a technique called chuchotage.

Most commonly used when there are multiple speakers, information session, or with caregivers.

"Converting a speaker or signer's message into another language while the speaker or signer continues to speak or sign."

-CHIA Appendix D-


Translation & Sight Translation

Translators work with the written world, adapting text from the original language to a target language. For example, brochures,


Our Services


Medical Interpreter

Effective communication is essential when it comes to healthcare, which is why Do-Language, Interpretation & Translation Services offers expert English-Spanish medical interpretation services. We bridged the gap between patients and healthcare providers, ensuring that everyone understands each other and that positive health outcomes are achieved. Trust us to help you communicate effectively during your next doctor's visit.


Zoom Video Interpretation

At my translation and interpretation service, I offer zoom video interpretation to help you overcome language barriers and communicate effectively with others. As an experienced interpreter, I provide accurate and reliable interpretation that allows you to feel confident in your ability to connect and communicate with those around you. Let's schedule your appointment today and break down the language barrier together.


Translation Services

Our Translation Services are renowned for their accuracy, quality, and speed. We offer interpretation services in English and Spanish for your important meetings and events. Whether you need a translator for a legal document, books, or an advertisement, we ensure that your message is communicated accurately and culturally correct. We also provide a certificate of accuracy with every translated document, and notarized certificates for official documents.

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